Epoxy Floor Coatings Gulf Shores, AL.

Gulf Coast Specialty Coatings,LLC., offers a variety of seamless urethane, resinous, and epoxy coatings  for concrete. Our expert team made up of trained craftsmen can install each surface depending on your needs. Each floor finish application combines color, performance, and design to deliver a durable surface suited for use in a wide variety of commercial environments and retail venues. No matter what your concrete project needs are, we have the perfect application/solution.

Polyurethane concrete is a therm-o setting polymer used for high-performance concrete coatings. It’s great for commercial and industrial use due to its many benefits. Some of the benefits of polyurethane concrete include high chemical resistance, moisture vapor transmission resistance, thermal shock resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and many others. Additional advantages to polyurethane concrete include various thickness availability, water-based technology with several curing processes, rendering a hard wearing and durable coating film.

It truly is a multi-functional application, making it one of our most popular application methods. This can be installed as a 1 coat, fast return-to-service flooring, or a decorative finish, with a hard-wearing and durable re-surfacing coating system.

Epoxy mortar resurfaces are the economic solution to repairing moderate to severely deteriorated concrete floors. They typically rejuvenate concrete floors into new, sanitary, skid-resistant, and impact-resistant surfaces. Resurfaces, trowels, and slurries are known to be the most attractive surfaces, particularly for manufacturing environments.

The use of seamless epoxy floor coatings for concrete is a high-performance application that consists of 100% solids epoxy and natural quartz aggregates with a chemical and wear-resistant topcoat. 

These coatings are widely used by manufacturers,  machine shops, and warehouses. They develop a brighter workspace while providing a slip-resistant surface for workers.

Epoxy & Urethane Coating Systems

Epoxy & urethane coating systems are engineered to perform without sacrificing design or innovative vision. These systems act as both a proactive and a decorative coating for high-traffic areas, resulting in a surface that requires little maintenance. Our epoxy and urethane coatings for concrete consist of 100% solids with industrial-strength components. These applications are perfect for manufacturing, retail, industrial, and commercial environments.

Quartz flooring and flake systems are among the most colorful, decorative, durable, and protective concrete systems that we offer. They are designed to be used in both our poly-systems and our epoxy systems, or even MMA or polyurethane concrete systems. The systems can be developed as functional and also aesthetically pleasing while remaining stable and slip-resistant. These are a great value, look great, and are quite durable. Many color blends are available, along with an array of slip resistance profiles.

At Gulf Coast Specialty Coatings LLC., we focus on more than just the color & style of our flooring systems. We take our work a step further by also concentrating on the integral cove base.

Essentially, this means the floor and cove blend together. This ensures that there are no seams that can trap dirt or act as breeding grounds for bacteria. It is a sanitary solution for any facility.